Massage and Bodywork Treatments

It brings us great joy to bring an eclectic toolkit of massage and bodywork treatments to the massage table that fits your needs and promotes healing, specific for you.Our Massage and Bodywork Therapy Approach

We provide a blend of individualized therapeutic massage and bodywork that helps restore balance by finding and releasing trigger points, stimulating circulation of fluids and breaking neuromuscular holding patterns that cause tension throughout the body.

Every session is totally different.

Massage and Bodywork Treatments Available:

Each session is entirely custom and can be comprised of any of the following You’ll speak with your therapist before they begin to discuss the best approach for your individual needs.

  • Outer Banks Swedish Massage

    Swedish Massage / Relaxation

    Swedish Massage / Relaxation is a blend of delicate techniques that incorporate long, flowing strokes to promote relaxation, reduce stress and help balance and unify the body, mind, and spirit. A soft modality involving oils and relaxing music, this treatment will sweep your cares away, increase circulation and release tension in your body. Good for the body, mind, and spirit.

  • Deep Tissue/Injury Therapy

    Deep Tissue / Injury Therapy

    If you’re living with chronic pain from an injury, this treatment may be for you. Designed to relieve chronic muscular tension, deep tissue massage finds and works within your pressure comfort level (healing should not hurt). We blend a plethora of therapeutic modalities to soften the musculature by breaking down scar tissue in the muscles, tendons and ligaments and removing restrictions from the myofascial system that create holding patterns for injury and pain.

  • Sports Massage

    Sports Massage

    Each session is geared toward the athlete and their sport. Commonly performed on site “pre-event” to get the muscles prepared for action, and “post-event” to calm overworked muscles. Sports Massage utilizes a number of techniques to remove restrictions and allow optimal performance of the musculoskeletal system.

  • Headache and/or TMJ Treatment

    Headache / TMJ Treatment

    If you suffer from headaches and/or TMJ pain, you know how persistent it can be and how many ways your life may be affected. We provide a comprehensive treatment for craniofacial pain involving a blend of:

    • massage to relieve muscle tension,
    • craniosacral therapy to relieve restrictions in the cranium and central nervous system,
    • acupressure and energy release, and lastly
    • lymph drainage therapy to treat the chemical and fluid stagnation that affect head and face pain.
  • Lymph drainage therapy

    Lymph Drainage Therapy

    Lymph drainage therapy is a specialized manual technique designed to attain and sustain peak performance of the lymphatic system. Lymphatic fluid is gently and rhythmically moved through the body, reducing swelling, relieving pressure and enhancing the functioning of the immune system.

    Used as both a preventative and remedial technique, there are numerous conditions that manual lymphatic drainage can help treat. Some of its effect include detoxification of the body, faster recovery from injury, regeneration of tissues, reductions of inflammation and discomfort, relief of chronic pain, deep relaxation and stress reduction, antispastic actions to relieve muscle hypertonis, and strengthened resistance to illness.

    Read more about Lymphedema and available treatments here.

  • Craniosacral Therapy

    Craniosacral Therapy

    Craniosacral Therapy is a noninvasive bodywork technique that helps to reduce stress and improve the functioning of the central nervous system. It involves soft touch to the body, to influence the membranes and flow of cerebrospinal fluids that protect and surround the brain and spinal cord.

    By gently evaluating and enhancing the function of the craniosacral system, CST enhances the body’s own healing processes, balancing the autonomic nervous system and promoting relaxation and stress reduction. This technique also incorporates a type of delicate myofascial release that works from the core out to release tension.

  • Prenatal Massage Pregnancy Massage

    Prenatal Massage

    Using our brand new prenatal massage table that enables pregnant women to lie comfortably and fully supported, this technique gives mothers-to-be the joy of full body massage, even during advanced stages of pregnancy. This treatment focuses on overall relaxation of areas known for chronic stress in expectant mothers.

    A series of Prenatal Massages is a wonderful gift to give a mother-to-be.

  • Outer Banks Couples Massage

    Couples Massage

    Couples massage is a great way for couples to share something special. Bring your partner, or a good friend, and enjoy massages side by side. Please allow extra time for the check-in process.

    A Couples Massage is the perfect gift for newlyweds or those celebrating a special anniversary.

  • Group and Wedding Party Massages Outer Banks

    On-Site Group Massage

    A perfect ingredient to every OBX vacation get-away is on-site group massage. We’ll come to your home or cottage and give individualized massages. You and your family and friends will feel the memories of work wash away. We also cater to wedding parties on the Outer Banks.

    A massage for your bridal attendants makes a fabulous gift and long lasting memories!

  • Canine Massage Outer Banks

    Canine Massage

    Don’t forget your best friend. Canine Massage, or massage therapy for dogs, uses hands-on techniques to enhance muscle function, soften and normalize tissues, and increase range of motion. It positively impacts every system of the dog’s body, from the circulatory to the nervous systems.

Whether it’s from a job, finances, or family life, stress takes a toll and causes muscles to tense up, jaws to clench, and backs to ache.

Massage and bodywork acts to calm the nervous system, promote circulation, ease muscle strains and tension that causes pain, and helps to still the racing thoughts that cause muscles to tense up in the first place.

This helps the whole body to progress to a point of homeostasis, or balance.