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David Henderson, BS, LMBT, CLT

A Massage Therapist Blending Intuition, Knowledge, and Experience

A combination of intuition and advanced training in the science of anatomy, physiology, and bodywork truly makes my work unique. Throughout my career, I have focused my education and skills on having the ability to help with as many issues as possible.

I use massage and myofascial release to work with muscle, tendon and ligament issues as well as postural corrections; manual lymphatic drainage to work with fluid problems in the body as well as to treat injuries that require a less aggressive approach; and craniosacral therapy to aid in osseous restrictions, release fascia, and calm the central nervous system.

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I offer an eclectic blend of bodywork and individualized therapeutic massage modalities that help restore balance by calming the central nervous system, improving function of the lymphatic system, finding and releasing trigger points, releasing myofascial tension, stimulating circulation of fluids, and breaking down neuromuscular holding patterns that cause tension and stagnation throughout the body.

I believe that learning bodywork techniques is just the beginning. An understanding of the science and anatomy of the human body is essential. It’s also important to continue to learn through advanced training courses and workshops throughout one’s career as a massage and bodywork therapist.

My education began with a Bachelor of Science degree in anatomy and has included the massage and bodywork schools listed below. I continue to attend advanced workshops and training courses in various disciplines in order to better serve my clients. 

  • B.S. in biology (anatomy concentration), East Carolina University, Greenville, NC
  • Fuller School of Massage in Virginia Beach, VA
  • Upledger Institute in Palm Beach Gardens, FL
  • School of Shiatsu and Massage in Middleton, CA
  • Benjamin School for Advanced Studies, Cambridge, MA
  • Kinesis Myofascial Integration, Walpole, ME
Licensing and Affiliations
  • LMBT# 2347
  • Licensed by the North Carolina Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork
  • Member of American Massage Therapy Associations
  • Member of the International Alliance of Healthcare Professionals
  • Certified Lymphedema Therapist

Tracie Rosso, LMBT

Tracie attended the Cayce/Reilly School of Massotherapy in 1995. Traci specializes in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Lomi-Lomi, Prenatal Massage, and reflexology. Tracie is licensed by the North Carolina Board of Massage & Bodywork Therapy and certified by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork. LMBT #2083

Reiki Master

Gabrielle Smith

Gabrielle Smith, LMBT

Gabby attended the Cayce Reilly School of Massage where she learned a signature massage that blends Swedish, Osteopathic, and Neuropathic techniques to create an energizing yet relaxing massage with many health benefits. Her specialties include Sports Massage, Deep Tissue, Prenatal, and Reflexology. Gabby has had a long time passion of helping people enhance their body mind and spirit through wellness. LMBT#21476

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